projects & programs

Project & programs

Through work focused on action-oriented research and innovative participatory methodologies, we promote the generation of knowledge about sustainable agri-food systems, food sovereignty, and food losses and waste. Thanks to a versatile and multidisciplinary team, we carry out research projects, consulting and educational and awareness-raising actions so that more and more people people vote for a sustainable and transformative model.

Knowledge and research

P(0)MA: Industrial symbiosis for conscious food utilisation

Accompanying companies in the agri-food sector working in the transformation of fruits and vegetables in the implementation of food losses and waste prevention plans and the co-creation of solutions with a circular approach.


A project led by Trinity College of Dublin, which brings together universities, municipalities and community food initiatives in 9 European cities with the aim of being a driver of innovation in the field of “food sharing” by building more sustainable and resilient local food systems.

PDApp Operational Group

A nationwide project with the aim of reducing losses and food waste in the horticultural sector through digital tools based on principles of circular economy and bioeconomy, with criteria of sustainability, traceability, and transparency.


We participate in the European project FOLOU. At Espigoladors, we will take charge of developing a methodology for measuring food losses at the primary production stage at the European level.


Formation and assistance program for organizations and workers in the agri-food sector in Murcia and Andalusia on sustainability and green economy.

Finished (2021-2022)

Diagnostic report on the causes of fruit and vegetable food losses in Catalonia

The report, “Diagnosis of fruit and vegetable food losses in the primary sector: Causes and quantification protocol” is a pioneering technical work that breaks down the root causes of food losses in the primary sector.

Finished (2021)

Education and awareness

Al menjador de l’escola, #jonollenço

Training and guidance for teachers and monitoring teams to reduce food waste in school canteens in Catalonia.

Award “A l’escola, #jonollenço”

This contest was created under the premise of generating proposals for good practices to reduce food waste and promote a culture of recycling in schools.

Learning-Service for conscious food

We educate young people about the environmental and social impact of food losses and waste and current agri-food system, and empower them to seek solutions.

Projects and actions related to zero-waste cooking

We promote cooking and awareness-raising workshops in which the use of cooking is the vehicle for building collective knowledge, creating bridges between cultures and generations, and also building a space of empowerment for people in situations of vulnerability.

Raising awareness in primary and secondary schools

We travel to classrooms in schools across the region to explore the issue of food waste with children and young adults through interactive activities, role playing games, and debate sessions.

“El menjar no es llença”: educational kits for Primary and Secondary Schools

We elaborated and designed two educational kits for schools in the province of Barcelona with the aim of working on conscious food
utilisation in the classroom through play and reflection.

Food Relations: Cooking as a tool for community engagement

We promote the concept of zero-waste cooking as a space for social transformation and learning exchange. This project aims to use cooking as a tool for inclusion and cultural exchange of migrant women at risk of social exclusion.

Finished (2022)

Del Camp al Barri: sustainable, healthy, local,
proximity and for everyone!

Project to promote healthy and sustainable food and critical consume among the neighbors of the Marina neighborhood through awareness-raising actions.

Finished (2022)

Taking a stand: Supporting and training youth ready to challenge the current food system

A global justice education project to generate a youth movement committed to a paradigm shift in the food system.

Finished (2022)


Gleaning programs

Through agreements with producers, we organize gleanings with volunteers in the fields to collect fruits and vegetables that are discarded from the commercial circuit for various reasons and we destine them to social entities contributing to the food utilization.

#joespigolo (“I glean”) Marathon for food recover

We organize simultaneous gleanings in different locations of the Catalan territory, in order to promote and make this activity visible.

The 3rd edition of the Marathon will take place on October 8th.

Projects with Food Distribution Services users

Through their participation in gleanings, we want to break with the more traditional and welfare-oriented models of food guarantee and encourage a more active role in the process of obtaining their food. We have also carried out workshops with the participants on healthy eating and cooking to make the most of their food.

#YoungGlean: Youth for conscious food

Through gleaning, we generate a youth movement committed to reducing food loss and waste.

Finished (2022)

Transversal projects

#Barcelonaespigola 2023

we glean orange trees from five districts of the city of Barcelona to make bitter orange marmalade, named “La Marga” that will be ditributed to social entities.

Collective #LeySinDesperdicio

We fight for a state food loss and waste law that bravely and genuinely addresses this environmental,
ethical, and economic challenge in a transformative way.

Tasta i arrela’t: a cycle of activities to shell food waste

It’s a project that aims to generate spaces for reflection and debate on food waste and take action to move towards a more sustainable diet.

Transforming the food security
model through La Botiga del Prat

A project that works with the desire to promote a more empowering, participatory, inclusive and transformative food aid model, with sustainable and healthy food as the central axis.