gleanings & volunteering


In Espigoladors, we want to recover and dignify the gleaning activity, an ancient practice with ancestral roots which consists in the harvest and collection, through an agreement with the farmer, of fruits and vegetables which are discarded from the commercial market for surplus production, diminishing of sales or aesthetic questions.

Thus we contribute to reducing the food waste and losses while making the task of the primary sector visible, as well as raising awareness about the value of food.

We organize gleanings directly in the fields of food which cannot be sold and we distribute them to social entities in order to provide access to healthy, nutritious food to people in vulnerable situations.



We need curious, compromised people with willingness to learn, who want to contribute to the fight for better food usage, who want to share experiences and work hands-on with the land. If you are one of these, you are welcome to the Espigoladors community. If you are a social entity and you wish your members or volunteers participate in a gleaning activity, do not hesitate, we are waiting for you!

Look up our frequently asked questions for more information.


We are looking for farmers who want to contribute for a better food usage with us, applying a coherent solution with the environment and social context, that is why we invite you to take part of our network of collaborating farmers. In the document below we shortly explain what that means. Call (+34) 93 525 62 14 or (+34) 644 88 07 47 for more information.

food banks

Recovered food is distributed for free to social food distribution points or services, which work towards guaranteeing an adequate and dignified diet for people in vulnerable situations. Join our big community and together we can promote healthy dietary habits that empower people. Contact us!

Gleaning department
93 525 62 14
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