Corporate gleanings

Unique experience to have fun and work on key competences

We help you demonstrate the social and ecological impact of the activity

We facilitate the whole experience and its communication

Calculate the positive impact of your activity

workers participating in the team gleaning, based on indicators, will have the following impact:


recovered food rations for vulnerable people, approx 300 KG of vegetables


liters of gasoline saved, approx 1928 KG of CO2


showers saved, approx 498 liters of water

Improvement of the team's relationship and interpersonal skills

Discovery of the agricultural areas of the territory and outdoor experience

Connection with the work of farming and the local agricultural products

Immersion in the problem of food waste

A step towards sustainable feeding

Come and glean as a team and enjoy an outdoor experiencie!

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What is including?

Pre-calculation of impacts

Communication materials for internal call

Team gleaning

Satisfaction form for the team

Photographs and images of the social and environmental impacts of the activity


Other team activties

Cooking workshops



Come and glean as a team and enjoy an outdoor experiencie!